Big changes coming to Newark airport

Everything you need to know about the big changes coming to Newark airport In the fall, the federal government will lift the cap on the number of hourly takeoffs and landings at Newark-Liberty International Airport. The reclassification, from a Level 3 airport to a Level 2 facility, will open up Newark to more carriers — potentially low-cost airlines — that


Aruba is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the southern Caribbean Sea, located about 1,600 kilometres (990 miles) west of the main part of the Lesser Antilles and 29 kilometres (18 miles) north of the coast of Venezuela. It measures 32 kilometres (20 miles) long from its northwestern to its southeastern end and 10 kilometres (6 miles) across

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Ecuador earthquake of 7.8 magnitude kills dozens

A powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Ecuador has killed at least 77 people and injured more than 500, Vice-President Jorge Glas says. The quake, Ecuador’s largest since 1979, hit at 18:58 on Saturday (23:58 GMT) near the northern town of Muisne. Widespread severe damage is reported, with a bridge destroyed as far south as Guayaquil about

5 things traveling teach you school doesn’t

1. How to appreciate and learn from another culture Learning about other cultures in school is one thing, but actually experiencing a culture is completely different. Whether you’re visiting art museums, looking at grand architectural landmarks, or even just stopping for a coffee break in a happening café, traveling exposes you to people and lifestyles

Second Strong Earthquake Hits Southern Japan

Saturday’s quake shook the Kumamoto region at 1:25 a.m. Saturday, and several aftershocks soon followed. A powerful earthquake struck southern Japan early Saturday, killing at least six people, barely a day after a smaller quake hit the same region and killed 10 people. Authorities had said hundreds of calls had come in from residents reporting


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